The public information catalogue was prepared pursuant to the Decree on the provision and re-use of public information (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia Nos 24/16 and 146/22). It is available in several formats (on the website of the Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development of the Republic of Slovenia and in printed form). The electronic formats also provide links to websites and documents located at Web addresses other than IMAD’s. Therefore, Internet connection is necessary for full functionality of the catalogue.

1. Basic catalogue data

Name of the body: Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development of the Republic of Slovenia
Short name: IMAD

Gregorčičeva 27
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Telephone: 00 386 1 478 10 12

E-mail address: gp.umar(at) 
Official responsible for public relations: polona.osrajnik(at)
Website administration: it.umar(at)

VAT number: 66679567
ID number: 5026407

Person in charge: Maja Bednaš, Director

Date of first publication of catalogue: 22 January 2004
Date of last change: 5 June 2023

Other formats of the catalogue: catalogues in printed form are available at IMAD's main office.

Catalogue format: HTML

2. General data about the body and its public information

Short description of the body's field of work

The Institute performs the following tasks:

  • it monitors and analyses current trends and development in its economic, social and environmental dimensions;

  • it monitors and analyses the achieving of the development objectives of the country; it prepares the annual development report;

  • it prepares macroeconomic forecasts and other expert groundwork that serve as the basis for budgetary planning and formulating economic policy measures;

  • it analyses productivity and competitiveness as the national productivity board;

  •  it carries out research work.

2.a Data on the organisation of the body

Organisation chart



Deputy Director:
Dr Alenka KAJZER

Phone: 00 386 1 478 10 12


Internal organisation units:

Competitiveness Division
Field of work: Analysis of economic competitiveness and its determinants, analysis of economic trends and structural changes by sector, participation in forecasting GDP output structure.

Macroeconomic Policies Division
Head: Lejla FAJIĆ
Field of work: Current analyses and aggregate reports, macroeconomic policies and structural reforms, participation in forecasting GDP expenditure structure.

Social Policies Division
Field of work: Social welfare and quality of living, social development, modern welfare state and social policy, long-term sustainability of development.

Economic Modelling Division
Head: Janez KUŠAR
Field of work: National accounts and forecast aggregations, economic modelling, data preparation and processing.

General Affairs Service
Field of work: General affairs, preparing and monitoring the budget, accounting and finance service, human resource management, information and communication technologies, public tenders, library, main office, etc.

2.b Contact data of officials responsible for the transmission of information

Officials responsible for ensuring public access to information in all areas of IMAD's work:

Phone: 00 386 1 478 10 12

Dr Alenka KAJZER
Deputy Director
Phone: 00 386 1 478 10 12

Official responsible for public relations
Phone: 00 386 1 478 10 04
Mobile: 00 386 30 451 939


2.c List of laws, implementing regulations and regulations of the European Communities relevant for the field of work  

Establishing acts and the field of work of IMAD:

2.d List of proposals of regulations:

IMAD does not draft any proposals of regulations.

2.e List of documents:

2.f List of administrative, judicial or legislative procedures and other official or public services conducted or provided by the body

IMAD does not conduct any legal, judicial or legislative procedures or provide any other official or public services.

2.g List of public records administered by the body

IMAD does not administer any public records.

2.h List of other electronic databases

IMAD does not manage any public databases.

2.i List of other main types of documents containing public information or list of specific relevant documents containing public information

  • Information about important events, decisions and news at IMAD: Information about important news is published on the IMAD website and in the form of press releases. Such information is fully accessible as public information. It is prepared with the intention of being presented to the public. Pursuant to the Public Information Access Act, information that has not been published on the IMAD website may be requested in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Act.

  • Research for own purposes.

  • International conferencesPublic calls and announcements.

3. Access to other public information

The procedure of accessing public information is laid down in the Public Information Access Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, Nos 51/06 – official consolidated text, 117/06 – ZDavP-2, 23/14, 50/14, 19/15 – Constitutional Court Decision, 102/15, 7/18 and 141/22) 

Public information is provided:

  • on the website

  • following the placement of an oral or written request

On behalf of IMAD, the request is dealt with one of the officials responsible for data transmission, listed under point 2.b.

4. Bill of costs

The bill of costs for the transmission of public information is laid down in the Decree on the provision and re-use of public information (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia Nos 24/16.


5. List of most sought-after public information

  • Press releases

  • Spring and Autumn Forecasts

  • Slovenian Economic Mirror

  • Working Papers